Creative IRA Utilization ~ Effective Estate & Tax Planning

Primary Residence

A primary residence may be purchased with the OUTSIDE® IRA structure. Your IRA can be structured for several different applications to improve the quality of your primary residence or current financial circumstances.

  • Provided you qualify, sell your current home and take your tax-free capital gain of $250,000 per person. Use this money for whatever purpose you choose, and allow your IRA to support the purchase of your new primary residence.
  • Could your home use a remodel? A new master bath perhaps, or kitchen? An extra bedroom for a growing family or a mother-in law addition? Your IRA can be structured to pay for home improvements.
  • Perhaps you wish to gradually move toward retirement by reducing your work schedule, which will in turn reduce your income stream. However, your home is still your best investment and you do not yet wish to sell and down size your living circumstances. Your IRA can be structured to contribute to, or take over, your mortgage payment so you can stay in your home and ultimately benefit from the potential appreciation.

All these above stated scenarios achieve improvement in your home or financial circumstances while at the same time converting your IRA asset to a significantly lower tax liability rate in today’s tax environment.
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